Whether in a seminar, conference or one-on-one meeting, it is essential to captivate your audience and keep their attention. All these chairs offers exceptional comfort and durability. The broad selection in terms of design, features, technical innovation and performance, all culminate in comfort at work. Chairs are manufactured from genuine Oak and Imbuia or Chrome and Polyurethane. Chairs can be upholstered in any fabric you require, from Designers fabric to Standard Contract fabric. Different mechnisms is available to suit your needs. From Adjustable arm rest, to Synhron Mechanisms for people with back injuries. Combinations are put together today to satisfy every clients needs. Starting with Executive Ranges right to Typist chairs.




These destinctive designs have been developed to combine both excellent craftsmanship and attention to perfect finish and detailing. Aesthetics have been kept at the forefront – with emphasis also being placed on seating which is comfortable, functional and easy to maintain. Strong hardwood frames are used in the manufacture of these products, covered in superior quality high density foam to ensure design form is maintained. Open bottom seat areas are specified to enable easy cleaning. We have interpreted comfort as ergonomically correct seating, designed to support the body frame in a onsistent and correct posture whilst aesthetically enhancing the general design or corporate theme of its location.