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Boardroom Projection

The expertise in ECOTECH is focused on the design,
installation and commission of audio-visual and video production systems.

Communication in business is the single most important component of success.
The objective of any business presentation is the communication of FACTS, KNOWLEDGE and INFORMATION to train, inform, motivate, educate, and sell.
Audio-visual equipment and techniques can make an enormous contribution to the success of a business presentation. The correct environment, for multi-media will ensures maximum attention from the audience, and by the use of the correct presentation equipment and techniques a presenter can maximise the impact of his message.

The presentation room creates the right atmosphere for effective communication. Ceiling height, viewing angles, acoustics and the placement of equipment all affect the effectiveness of the presentation. Correctly designed, it will make the presenter's job easier and the audience more receptive.
If at all possible, it is best to design the room around the audience, the presenter and the equipment and not, as is so often the case, to try to fit these into any convenient space.
The system engineer must be involved in the design of the presentation room from the start. The positioning on the equipment, screens and controls are very important for successful presentations. The correct design is worth more than the equipment in the room.

We are the "On Ramp" to presentation success.