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LCD Screens

The expertise in ECOTECH is focused on the design,
installation and commission of audio-visual and video production systems.

MFD Screens
The Liquid Crystal Display Unit (LCD) or Light Emiting Diode (LED) back-light systems replaces the Plasma technology with better quality picture and no burn-in characteristics.

The LED is utilised at “point of sale” and “point of information” locations with an additional streamline finish than the conventional CRT monitor screens.

Installation possibilities are multiplied with the flat dimensions and viewing angle advantages. The black quality of the LED assures a higher colour contrast ratio with higher disparity of the colour to grey frequencies.

LED screens are installed in corporate boardrooms, reception areas call centres, open plan offices and lobbies. Sound is driven to the attachable speakers or ceiling speakers from the build in stereo power amplifier.

Point of information systems utilize WAN/LAN networks to transfer presentation information to each screen on the network, with individual IP address from the hub. The on-board memory processing allows real-time graphic downloads to the unit. The viewing software could be located country wide and maintain a real-time running presentation on the screen.

With 24 hour running capabilities the Multi Frequency Display (MFD) Screens can be utilize and set-up in a video wall configuration without extra software or costs.

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