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AV Conferencing Systems

The expertise in ECOTECH is focused on the design,
installation and commission of audio-visual and video production systems.

Conference systems are an important communication tool at any high frequency performing company. The top end of communication technology should be user friendly and integrated in exciting boardroom systems.


All the delegates in the meeting are tied to the company budget. The opinion of all delegates must be heard clearly. The utilized equipment, structure the meeting and every delegate get a presenting period. The ability to digitally record the meeting and distribute minutes on CD or e-mail format. Connecting to a gallery sound system assure the participation of the audience. Voting and translation options are included in the systems. CCV camera preset positions are integrated in the system for video conferencing and broadcast camera angles.


Ecotech plan supply and install complete customized system for each individual Boardroom, Auditorium or Training venue. Echo cancelling, recording monitor feedback, camera angles and lighting backdrops are some of the considering factors when designing a videoconference system. The videoconference system cut budgets on delegates travelling and accommodation costs, and corresponds to any demanding schedule. The integrated design should be user friendly and effortless to operate. Graphic and presentation send-and-receive options manage demanding communication problems.


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